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Ashtanga Yoga as a platform for Transformation with Jodi Blumstein
November 3-5, 2017

Practice for Change Flyer (download PDF)

Price for Entire Workshop $200 • Individual Sessions $60
$50 Non-Refundable Deposit to Hold your Spot

To Register Contact Randa Chehab at or 406.581.3682

Friday 5:30-8pm
The Foundations of Ashtanga Yoga
The Foundations of Ashtanga Yoga can easily be the foundation of all practice. What does it mean to you to be firmly grounded in your practice? Jodi has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 24 years and resets the foundation of her practice annually and constantly. Join her for your annual reset to begin a weekend of deep immersion.

Saturday 9-12pm
Primary Series – A Lifelong Practice
Saturday morning Ashtanga Yoga practitioners, the Primary series is always the foundation. When we are beginning, there is so much information to unravel on the external layer as we learn the series, and then it can take several years to digest and feel the impact of this in our bodies. As long term/advanced practitioners, we are constantly being shaped by the series we are working – whether it is intermediate or one of the advanced sequences and this is ALWAYS impacting our relationship to our Primary series practice. In this 3 hour class, Jodi will deconstruct the primary series and help each student refine their work starting where they are. All levels are welcome.

Saturday 2-4:30pm
Adjusting by Feel – The art of safe and effective assists.
Learn how to skillfully adjust students while tuning into the most important elements of safety and efficiency. There will be discussion about the purpose of adjustments and how to make sure any assist you give is grounded. We will work on feeling our own bodies and synching up with partners to tap into our deeper intuition before laying our hands on a student. Jodi will teach you how to always give great adjustments by giving you a step by step process that will have your students feel supported. This is an important workshop for anyone teaching yoga.

Sunday 9am-Noon
Second Series for Everyone
The Intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga is called Nadi Sodhana, or the nerve cleansing sequence. If Primary series is the foundation, Intermediate series is where we install the electricity!! Learn how to utilize this powerful sequence in your daily and weekly practice no matter what level you are at to use this power safely!

Workshop at Pure Healing Yoga located in the Emerson 111 S. Grand Ste 280, Bozeman