Ashtanga Yoga School of Montana

Summer of Reflection

The only way out is IN. It was a summer of deep reflection and some trial and error. A period in which I found corridors of my mind that had never been explored. All in the name of knowing the difference between my small self and the seat of my higher Self. My higher Self saved me from some very painful moments and asked me to step back and have a look from 360 degrees. It asked of me not to get hooked into the energy of my emotions and thoughts but to allow myself to feel them, to let them come up, to let them pass, and once the feeling had passed to not look back and ruminate or analyze.

I get it that a lot of us try and make life fit what our psyche thinks we need or order for us to be comfortable…who doesn’t want to be comfortable??? but all the while we are trying to make ourselves comfortable, we are missing out on what is right in front of us- LIFE. Now I really get it when my Guru says, “Your perception of reality is distorted”.

I believe we are all capable of waking up, if so, then a lot of us need to be shown how because society places some pretty hearty parameters of what success looks like. All I know, is that I was given the opportunity to witness the most clear and precious panorama of my situation.

I am done protecting myself. My new mantra: “Relax & Release”.