Ashtanga Yoga School of Montana

Opportunities Abound


This past weekend was the inauguration of Lino Miele’s Ashtanga Yoga School In the U.S. It was fantastic to have so many practitioners from all over the states come to Bozeman, Montana. I have spent the last 8 winters in India with Lino and several summers abroad with him as well. My experience with him is like drinking from a fire hose. He made an interesting comment during one of his talks about how people want direction and as a school we are like an institution. Yet in our society some folks want to be FREE and school or institution tends to give the opposite meaning. But as many have said before me, ” a disciplined practice leads to freedom”.

I am ready for the new challenge of running the school, having to plan way in advance, and having the opportunity to collaborate with some of Lino’s other assistants. INCREDIBLE really the opportunities abound now right here in Bozeman!