Ashtanga Yoga School of Montana

Do you have the courage to try?

There is something to delivering a message in its rawest form.For me, over the last 14 years of a daily practice I have exposed myself both in the presence of my teacher and alone. Defenses getting worn down, the armor coming off, a period of shakiness and then finding my way.

A lot of transitions happen in 14 years. Sure physical progress as well as injury, developing emotional responsibility, and awakening the subtle body. I was very athletic prior to Ashtanga and within the first five years of my practice injuries from my past surfaced. I maintained some form of practice through all three post-op periods. Whether it was the four purifications for the first three months after my initial shoulder surgery or the second go around practicing in a sling, but things were moving. My Pranayama practice fell by the way side after a dear friend whom I was with died from complications birthing her first born. All I could hear was the ventilator yet my asana practice was where I sought refuge.

I am not alone with loss, devastation, violation or self destruction. There are many of us who have deep buried pain. Through asana a lot of discomfort has come out and I continue to learn to surrender.

Opening the Ashtanga Yoga School of Montana with my master has been a rebirth, I have faith in this system of yoga, what it asks of the practitioner and how it helps us unravel the story. It is never too late to begin. The real question is do we have the courage to try.