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New Moon New Year

New moon, new year, new ways of thinking..inshallah! There is a book titled The Only Way OUT is IN. 2013 was all about journeying IN. I sat with some very uncomfortable feelings and at times relentless. I see now thou that those uncomfortable feelings were preparing me for change. i was taking inventory.Slowly slowly i […]

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Opportunities Abound

This past weekend was the inauguration of Lino Miele’s Ashtanga Yoga School In the U.S. It was fantastic to have so many practitioners from all over the states come to Bozeman, Montana. I have spent the last 8 winters in India with Lino and several summers abroad with him as well. My experience with him […]

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Summer of Reflection

The only way out is IN. It was a summer of deep reflection and some trial and error. A period in which I found corridors of my mind that had never been explored. All in the name of knowing the difference between my small self and the seat of my higher Self. My higher Self […]

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A new person walks into the shala to take class. Relates they had practiced ashtanga 15+ years ago and since then tried many other styles, but has not kept up their ashtanga practice. Pays me and then tells me not to pay any attention to them. Big pause happening in my brain after that comment. […]

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Like Lino says, we are always purifying. Everyday the practice does something. No matter how many years we have been on the mat. Diet is important! Let me just say not one diet is for all. Just as one teacher is not for all. BUT there is a teacher for every individual and also individual […]

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